The Jesus Myth

Enemies of Jesus and Christianity have used a variety of strategies to attack the faith, but none is more bizarre than the assertion that the entire Jesus story is nothing more than a myth concocted out of details borrowed from other ancient mythologies. This “Jesus myth” idea has been popularized by the movies Zeitgeist and Bill Maher’s Religulous. But the facade of scholarly respectability underlying the theory has been maintained by D. M. Murdock (aka Acharya S), a prolific author who recently passed away from cancer–ironically, on Christmas Day, 2015.

Murdock’s claims are so demonstrably fantastic that even many atheists and skeptics steer clear of her work. See a lengthy exchange between Murdock and Christian apologist Mike Licona for a full refutation of her views (part 1, response, part 2).

I suspect she is re-evaluating her views now.

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