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Video #4 – Does Religion Poison Everything?

It’s easy to knock religion as the source of much of the conflict in the world. But before we throw it under the bus, we should apply the same standard to other human enterprises.

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From Atheism to Faith: One Woman’s Journey

If you’ve not heard of Jennifer Fulwiler, you should get acquainted. She is a sharp, witty, young wife and mother from Austin, Texas. She is also an ex-atheist. The story of her journey from strong unbeliever to passionate believer is … Continue reading

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Christianity in America

America has always been a land of free-wheeling opinions, whether talking about politics, religion, race, or sports. But in recent years it seems that the level of polarization among our population has become more intense and strident. Fissures are developing … Continue reading

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Science vs. Religion?

The “New Atheists” who have waged such a relentless attack against religion in recent years generally cast the issue in very stark terms: Religion represents superstition driven by blind faith and irrational thinking; science, in contrast, represents facts based on … Continue reading

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