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Video: #2 – Men Have Forgotten God

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Craving and Cursing the World

In last night’s group study, we were discussing the prevalence of so many destructive attitudes and behaviors among the world’s population. Specifically, we were looking at two lists of character traits found in Romans 1:28-32 and 2 Timothy 3:1-4 — … Continue reading

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Science vs. Religion?

The “New Atheists” who have waged such a relentless attack against religion in recent years generally cast the issue in very stark terms: Religion represents superstition driven by blind faith and irrational thinking; science, in contrast, represents facts based on … Continue reading

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Video: #1 – Introduction

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Life Is More Than Grasping For the Wind

As a long-time observer of American society, I have been concerned in recent years about the accelerating decline in our population’s quality of life. Oh, most of us have all the food, clothing, shelter, and goodies we could ever want. … Continue reading

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