The writer of Ecclesiastes described his quest to find meaning in life as a futile “grasping for the wind.” Like him, many today seek fulfillment in life by chasing all the wrong things, and end up just as lost and empty as he did. We can do better, but we have to move beyond this frantic “grasping” mode of living.

DSC03401This blog is the work of David King — husband, father, grandfather, and minister — who has spent the better part of a half-century engaged in his own search for meaning in life. He’s learned a few things along the way, and this blog is one way of sharing that knowledge.

This blog is a companion to the Beyond Grasping channel on YouTube. You can also explore more of David’s work on the website of the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ in Wichita KS, at letjesusleadus.org.

Comments are welcome, but moderated. If you want to spew juvenile junk here, don’t waste your time.


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