Feminism Has Jumped the Shark

Whatever feminism may have accomplished for women in earlier years, the movement in its modern iteration has clearly jumped the shark. Consider the evidence:

Brendan O’Neill summarizes the current state of the movement perfectly:

Taken together, all these recent feminist ventures speak to a movement that has become deeply censorious and unjust, riding roughshod over free speech and due process. Feminism is no longer a women’s liberation movement — it’s a women’s authoritarianism movement. Under the new tyranny of feminism, anyone who possesses allegedly warped views or produces saucy culture could potentially find themselves cast out of public life.

Does this description represent all feminists? Certainly not. But let’s face it, the feminists who are pulling the levers of power in politics, academia, and journalism definitely fit this pattern. They have convinced politicians that they speak for all women, with disastrous results in the last election. Men in overwhelming numbers recognize the extremism at work here, and are checking out entirely. A strong majority of women see it as well, and want no part of it.

Some feminists recognize the damage that modern feminism is doing to the cause of women and are fighting to restore the movement to its former ideals (Christina Hoff Summers and Camille Paglia come to mind). I wish them luck, but I suspect they are fighting a losing battle. For all its irrationality, feminism enjoys a great deal of momentum and will likely inflict a lot more damage before it runs its course.

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