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Feminism Has Jumped the Shark

Whatever feminism may have accomplished for women in earlier years, the movement in its modern iteration has clearly jumped the shark. Consider the evidence: Its hysteria over rape has damaged its credibility, from promoting bogus statistics, to undermining due process for the … Continue reading

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Feminism and Rape

Mona Charen weighs in on Feminist Lies about Sexual Assault: You don’t have to believe the one-in-four figure floated by activists to agree that women are experiencing a marked degree of sexual assault and battery in the liberated hook-up world … Continue reading

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The Roots — and Fruits — of Radical Feminism

Mallory Millet is the sister of Kate Millet, an early pioneer in the radical feminist movement and author of numerous books that are required reading in Women’s Studies courses. In a recent article, Mallory unmasks the Marxist and anti-family foundation underlying much … Continue reading

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