Life Is More Than Grasping For the Wind

As a long-time observer of American society, I have been concerned in recent years about the accelerating decline in our population’s quality of life. Oh, most of us have all the food, clothing, shelter, and goodies we could ever want. But we’re unhappy, dissatisfied, moody, even angry at life. How can people be so prosperous, yet so miserable?

In recent years I have come to see the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes as an ancient answer to this modern problem. The author’s very secular search for fulfillment in life mirrors trends in our own culture. His quest ended in failure, as he concluded that it was all in vain, a meaningless “grasping for the wind” that left him hating life (2:11, 17). He eventually worked his way out of this nihilistic frame of mind, but it was a long, difficult journey.

That “grasping for the wind” is a perfect metaphor for what many today are doing with their lives. It’s getting them nowhere, and they sense it. It’s Ecclesiastes all over again.

This blog and the companion YouTube videos are designed to challenge people to look beyond this futile way of life and see a more rewarding path. We will explore a wide variety of topics, but everything will be geared toward those–especially among the young–who are struggling to find meaning and purpose in their lives. It’s out there, but we have to know where to look. I hope this small effort can help you in your search.

See the “About” page for a brief bio. You can contact me personally at I’d love to hear from you.

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