From Atheism to Faith: One Woman’s Journey

If you’ve not heard of Jennifer Fulwiler, you should get acquainted. She is a sharp, witty, young wife and mother from Austin, Texas. She is also an ex-atheist. The story of her journey from strong unbeliever to passionate believer is a great example of the intellectual struggle that is experienced by everyone who seriously grapples with the God question.

In addition to the video above, check out an expanded version of her story on her blog, Conversion Diary. She offers this analogy for her atheist friends who insist there’s not sufficient proof for the existence of God:

If you are standing back and waiting for the data alone to convince you that God exists, that’s like holding a piece of litmus paper above a solution but never dipping it in. You can have a complete understanding of how the hydrogen atoms in the liquid would potentially interact with the dye on the paper, but until the paper has contact with the solution, the experiment is not complete.

And guess what: in the God experiment, your entire life is the litmus paper.

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  1. Reblogged this on secularschoolteacher and commented:
    My journey went the other way around, and I came full circle back to being an Atheist. I feel so much more relieved finally realizing there is no god because thinking there is an all-powerful being up there that allows all this suffering happen on our tiny little planet is a very scary, and very sad, thought.

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