Into the Abyss

Opponents of same-sex marriage have long argued that a departure from the one-man-one-woman-for-life model would open the gates to a wide variety of non-traditional marriage arrangements, including polygamy and polyandry. Their fears were dismissed as fear-mongering, and gay marriage has now become mainstream.

Well, guess what? “Thoughtful discussions” are already underway exploring the pros and cons of legalizing polygamy. And — surprise! — a sizable number of the participants believe it’s time that we open our hearts (and laws) to yet another alternative marriage arrangement.

At this point, I doubt that saying “I told you so” carries any weight. It’s clear that in our culture, personal liberty now trumps all other considerations, at least in the realm of sexual behavior.

Let’s be honest about what’s happening here. In a single generation, two thousand years of hard-fought progress in securing protection for women and children is being thrown out and replaced by the same decadence that ruled humanity in ancient times. Progressives who are pushing this agenda are not progressive at all; they are regressive, recreating an earlier social paradigm in which women were playthings to satisfy the lusts of men and children were disposable property. No-fault divorce, gay marriage, polygamy, abortion on demand — what else could we have done to so thoroughly destroy the very safeguards that made the family the cornerstone of Western civilization?

As America plunges deeper into the abyss of hedonistic self-expression, we’ll see more of this kind of thinking and behavior. And, as in ancient times, our women and children will continue to bear the heaviest burden.

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