Is Christianity Pathological?

Jonathon Van Maren provides several recent examples of language being used to describe Christians and Christianity as inherently pathological. He argues that, if this charge is allowed to stick, then it is a very short step to taking action to forcibly “treat” that illness. He concludes with this chilling warning:

Inch by inch, the Sexual Revolutionaries have backed us up into our churches and our Christian schools and our homes. And they are already trying to find ways to force their new “values” on us there as well.

Because if Christianity is in their eyes a pathology, a mental disorder, a temporary insanity, then there can be no religious freedom. They will not be satisfied as long as religious institutions teach and adhere to Christian beliefs, while churches that cling to orthodoxy still preach timeless truths, and while parents still teach their children that the Sexual Revolution was a bloody, horrific mess. So they will try, as they already are, to push harder and longer.

For all their talk of diversity and toleration, progressives have a fiercely intolerant attitude toward anything Christian. Christianity is the last major bulwark against the rising tide of permissiveness and godlessness sweeping Western culture; consequently, it is under furious assault by elements that wish to eliminate its influence. If they can convince people that belief in traditional Christian morality is a pathology requiring a cure, then they win. And it won’t be long before Christians will be carted off to Re-education Camps to straighten out their thinking. (In fact, it’s already started. Have you ever had to attend a mandatory Diversity Training workshop?)

Christianity, properly understood and applied, is a boon to human flourishing, not a threat. Our task is to defend that proposition with passion, intellect, and humility, and not cede the field to the critics.

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  1. Interesting. What we could consider is that the cited quote is directed towards Christianity, however, Christians could raise an argument that “sexuality is pathological.” In just reading a history book we can see of it’s permissiveness and practices that makes the sexual revolution look conservative.

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